Masterline Drew Ross Custom Handle

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Detailed Description

Used by Drew Ross and many of the World's top slalom skiers. The is the ultimate handle. This handle has a smaller, but stronger, aluminum core bar that allows for more rubber between your hands and the bar. The specially formulated rubber and the many custom diameters make this the most comfortable handle you can buy. Handle is strung to Record Capability Specs. Pigtail is left for fine tuning adjustment once the handle has been skied on several times. Once the stretch is taken out of the rope, rope can be adjusted to max tolerance with less chance that it will become out of tolerance. 
3/8" Poly-ethylene rope 
Custom signature bar strung to Drew's specs 
4" End caps
Clear tubing down to the yoke.
Record capability accuracy 
Handle Options 
Lengths: 12", 13" 
Diameters: .888", .940", 1.00", 1.030", 1.062", 1.092", 1.125", 1.183"
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