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  1. Scroll down and click on ONE of the products you desire.
  2. Next, the product page will appear. Scroll down on the product page until you see a bundle offer on the right side and "Select Your Variants & Purchase BUNDLE Here."
  3. If you like what the product is being bundled with and want to complete the purchase, begin selecting your Bundle Variants from the drop down menus in this section. Do not select your variants from the top portion of your screen. 
  4. Once all of your variants are in tact, click the "Click Here To Add Bundle To Cart" button. Do not confuse this with the the "Add To Cart Button" at the top portion of your screen.
  5. Once you've pressed this button, you will see all of the products appear in your cart at their discounted price! If you remove any of the products, the discount price will be removed. 



Size Guide

Please refer to the chart below in order to determine the size of wetsuit that will fit you. These are recommended sizes only. Personal preference may vary depending on how you like your suit to fit. Custom sizes are additional and are covered by standard warranty except no exchanges or returns.

Wake & Slalom Ski Vests - Sizing Chart

Wake & Slalom Ski Vest - Size guide

Woman's Barefoot Suits - Sizing Chart

Woman's Barefoot Suits - Size guide

Men's Barefoot Suits

Men's Barefoot Suits - Size Guide

Junior's Barefoot Suits - Sizing Chart

Junior's Barefoot Suits - Size Guide