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Eagle Platinum Water Ski Vest


Size Guide
Eagle Size Guide

Please refer to the chart below in order to determine the size of wetsuit that will fit you. These are recommended sizes only. Personal preference may vary depending on how you like your suit to fit. Custom sizes are additional and are covered by standard warranty except no exchanges or returns.

Wake & Slalom Ski Vests - Sizing Chart

Wake & Slalom Ski Vest - Size guide

Woman's Barefoot Suits - Sizing Chart

Woman's Barefoot Suits - Size guide

Men's Barefoot Suits

Men's Barefoot Suits - Size Guide

Junior's Barefoot Suits - Sizing Chart

Junior's Barefoot Suits - Size Guide

Detailed Description

Since 1983, Eagle (now produced exclusively by Masterline) has had a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality vests and wetsuits with cutting-edge designs unequaled in the market. Every vest is made to order, cut and sewn by hand in the USA to ensure a long-lasting professional grade product. 

Eagles' ALL NEW Platinum Series men's water ski vest is designed for the skier that wants the latest technology, newest materials, and unique look. This men's Platinum water ski vest is made from the same flexible neoprene our other water ski vests are made from, but we laminate a flexible rubber coating to the front. Air, wind, and water will not penetrate this coating. This water ski vest also comes standard with 13mm flotation in the front and 20 mm flotation in the back to offer the skier a bit more float at the end of each pass. This Eagle men's water ski vest is unique to Eagle Wetsuits and will get you noticed on the water.

The Eagle Platinum water ski vest is made from the most flexible and highest grade neoprene available.

  • Athletic, snug fit to offer the ultimate in support and maneuverability. See note below regarding sizing and fit.
  • Ultra-span 1mm neoprene with platinum material on the front.
  • Extra large armholes.
  • Ergonomically placed 13mm flotation front and 20 mm back for adequate flotation and protection.
  • Back padding is designed to give skiers back support and side protection.
  • Handmade in the USA
  • This vest is not Coast Guard Approved Life Saving Vest.
Eagle men's water ski vest is so light and flexible, you won't even realize you have a vest on.
    Available colors:
    • Silver/Black
    • Red/Black
    • Black/Silver

    Eagle size Chart 

    Note about fitting: Eagle Competition Vests are designed to fit skin tight.  They are form fitting and will stretch if you are used to wearing a loose fitting vest, Eagle vests will feel much different.  They are designed not to ride up while you are in the water.  When you first zip the vest, it will feel quite tight, then loosen up once you are in the water.  Also if you are new to Eagle, our vests may run one size smaller than other brands that you might be used to so carefully check the sizing chart to confirm the size for you.  If you feel you won’t fit in a standard size, we also offer custom sizing.  Call for more information.


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