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10.75m (39.5' off) Dlx Mainline Water Ski Rope (7 section with marking sleeves)-USA

Type: Ropes

Detailed Description

All of our water ski ropes are handmade in the USA with the highest-quality PolyproMAX yarn. This is a tournament quality rope and great all-around rope. Its looped construction allows for easy removal or assembly of sections, handle attachments, and the capacity for record-breaking performance. Each rope is hand braided and pre-stretched to ensure maximum performance.


  • Looped construction to 10.75m (39.5' off).
  • 60' Overall length with handle (18.25m). Rope starts at 18.25m section (15' off).
  • Mini loops for easy shortening.
  • Large handle loop for easy handle removal and attachment.
  • Logo marking sleeves through 10.75m (39.5' off)
  • Record capability, measured and pre-stretched for accuracy.  
  • 10mm PolyproMAX rope
  • Long section, 10.75m section to the handle is USA color scheme (Black with Red/White/Blue fleck). 
  • Includes a handy rope holder for storage.

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