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Dlx 9.25m Optimized Slide Loop Mainline (11 Section) Water Ski Slalom Rope

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    • Constructed of our exclusive World Record PolyproMAX II rope which is braided in our factory.
    • Slide Loop construction from 18.25m to 10.25m
    • Removable loops at 18.25m and 16m with single line construction for 14.25m through 10.25m and in line braided loop construction for 9.75m, 9.5m and 9.25m.
    • Long mainline section to 9.75m is detachable from the rest of the rope.
    • Mini slide loops that open larger to slip over the largest of pylons and then return to shape and securely hold the rope.
    • Large 15" loop at handle end of rope for easier handle attachment and removal.
    • Logo marking sleeves through 9.75m
    • Record capability
    • 60' Overall length with handle(18.25m)
    • Shortenings through 9.25m
    • Handmade in the USA
Size Guide

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