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Eagle Ascent Surf Vest


Detailed Description

Since 1983, Eagle (now provided exclusively by Masterline) has had a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality vests and wetsuits with cutting edge designs unequaled in the market. Every vest is made to order, cut and sewn by hand in the USA to ensure a long-lasting professional grade product. Please allow 5-7 days for production time as we ensure the the quality of every water ski vest and wetsuit we manufacture.

Eagle Ascent Surf Vest is constructed out of the same high quality neoprene as our slalom and wake vests.

This Eagle water ski vest will be a keeper, a vital part of your quiver.

Benefits include:

  • Added buoyancy (not a life vest)
  • Added paddle power (elevates torso slightly aiding in stroke power)
  • No stomach or chest rash
  • No rib ding (Haven't been surfing much or go on a surf trip- rib bruising can put a serious damper on a trip. The best rib protection in the business)
  • Added ascent power ( This vest does not hinder a duck dive but greatly assists in the ascent up the back side of the wave thus enhancing your ability to clear the next wave or get out faster.)
  • Added impact protection (as is true with any padded vest )
  • Tapered torso (feels tight when first put on - but the tapered effect lessens the ability of the vest to ride up on a big tumble)
  • Easy to get off -unzip- place one arm through arm hole on same side of body- pry up and over your head and your out.
  • Handmade in USA

Please note: This vest is not Cost Guard Approved.

Please allow 5-7 days for production & delivery

Additional Information

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