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Eagle Platinum Vest


Detailed Description

Eagles ALL NEW Platinum Series vest is designed for the skier that wants the latest technology, newest materials, and unique look. Platinum vests are made from the same flexible neoprene our other vests are made from, but we laminate a highly flexible Metallic Silver rubber coating to the front. Air, wind, and water will not penetrate this coating. This vest also comes standard with 13mm floatation in the front and 20 mm floatation in the back to offer the rider a bit more float at the end of each pass. This vest is unique to Eagle Sports. It will get you noticed on the water.

After studying the competition, we set out to develop a vest with all the qualities the top riders are looking for.

The Eagle Platinum Vest is made from the most flexible and highest grade neoprene available.

  • Ultra-stretch 1mm neoprene
  • Extra large arm holes
  • Ergonomically placed 13mm flotation front and 20 mm back
  • Back padding is designed to give skiers back support and side protection
Eagle Vests are so light and flexible, you won't even realize you have a vest on.
    Available colors:
    • Silver/Black
    • Red/Silver
    • White/Silver
    • Black/Silver

    Please note: This vest is not Cost Guard Approved, but they are skier approved.

    Type: Vests

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