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Robbins Trick Release


Designed to reduce the chance of injury due to a late release. Release person holds the skier by pulling a lever. As the load on lever increases due to a quick fall, lever will eventually create more pull than the release person can withstand and releases the rope. Typically, the release person would let go of the rope at the time of fall, but the fail safe idea of this release makes it much more safe than the traditional trick release that has to be "pulled" to release. If not, the skier will drag. Designed with keyless mount. Lever quick connect allows for easy on and off without an allen key.

Also, the mounting ring includes a pre-drilled mounting hole for use with our camera mounting system. ξThe mounting post connects to this release and allows for you to mount a phone, video camera or GoPro. ξHold the camera steady for a great video of your tricks. ξ

Type: Accessories

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