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Eagle Mens Mach II Jump Suit 2022



Tipo: Jump Suit

Detailed Description

The All New Mach II-Ultra-Light pro series jump suit was designed with feedback from Eagle's pro factory team to offer the competitive jumper the following benefits:

  • The lightest jump suit on the market.
  • Rubberized back waste band to eliminate belt slippage during jumps
  • Flexible (yet durable) wind deflecting material across the entire suit (no need for speed suits)
  • A suit that absorbs very little water (youll be amazed at how little water!)
  • 13mm padding front & back (thinner to reduce overall weight during competitions)
  • 6mm padding and 3mm neoprene for the butt, giving you a total of 9mm

We have also incorporated a variety of neoprene thickness and stretch:

  • 2mm flex neoprene on the front and side
  • Silver coating on the front to create smooth wind deflector surface
  • 3mm neoprene with a slick lycra coating on the butt to make landings smoother

Available colors:

  • Silver and Black
  • Black and Black

Additional Information

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