RECAP | The 2017 U21 World Championship

July 17, 2017

Water Ski Ropes and Water Ski Handles . Masterline Tournament Gear for Water Skiers

It was a big weekend for our Masterline Ladies at Sentosa Wake Ski Club for the 2017 U21 World Championship! We're so proud of each and every one of our competitors and want to send a huge congratulations to all of you who placed. We're PULLING FOR YOU and cant wait to see what scores you put on the board next! 


Anna Gay

First Place in Ladies Overall

First Place in Ladies Tricks with 9750 points

Eighth Place in Ladies Slalom with 2,00/55/11.25


Dominque Allard

1st Place in Ladies Jump with 155 feet 


Valentina Gonzalez

Third Place in Ladies Overall

Fifth Place in Ladies Tricks with 6200 points

Sixth Place in Ladies Jump with 136 feet

Ninth Place in Ladies Slalom with 1,25/55/11.25


Bailey Austin

Second Place in Ladies Slalom with 3,50/55/11.25

*We'd like to send an additional round of applause to Bailey for her patience this weekend! After having her luggage and ski equipment lost in the airport for 3 days, Bailey remained positive and ready to ski with borrowed gear until she was luckily reunited with her ski JUST HOURS before her set!


Neilly Ross

Fourth Place in Ladies Slalom with 3,00/55/11.25

Eighth Place in Ladies Tricks with 5360 points


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