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Safety Statement

Masterline USA, Inc. supports Safe Water Skiing and Boating, always wear your Coast Guard Approved Life Vest, follow the rules on your waterway and adhere to all Warning Labels on your equipment. Our comp vests are designed for use in controlled tournament situations.  Never use our vests for recreational skiing or tubing.  Thank You and have fun Water Skiing!  

⚠️ Warning:

 Use of this product and participation in the sport involves inherent risks of injury or death.

1. Inspect rope, handle and connections before each use.  Do not use if damaged.

2.  Make sure rope is not wrapped around part of anyone’s body during use. 

3.  Rope stretches during use.  Sudden release of handle can cause rope and handle snap back and may hit the occupants or user which can result in injury.

4.  The rope is intended only for towing a single person on water skis, wake/knee boards, or bare footing.  Any other use may cause rope failure.

5.  Do not use the ski rope to pull inflatable tubes.

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