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Barefoot Suits

2018 Eagle Super Sport Barefoot Wetsuit


Size Guide
Eagle Size Guide

Please refer to the chart below in order to determine the size of wetsuit that will fit you. These are recommended sizes only. Personal preference may vary depending on how you like your suit to fit. Custom sizes are additional and are covered by standard warranty except no exchanges or returns.

Wake & Slalom Ski Vests - Sizing Chart

Wake & Slalom Ski Vest - Size guide

Woman's Barefoot Suits - Sizing Chart

Woman's Barefoot Suits - Size guide

Men's Barefoot Suits

Men's Barefoot Suits - Size Guide

Junior's Barefoot Suits - Sizing Chart

Junior's Barefoot Suits - Size Guide

Detailed Description

Since 1983, Eagle (now provided exclusively by Masterline) has had a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality vests and wetsuits with cutting edge designs unequaled in the market. Every wetsuit is made to order, cut and sewn by hand in the USA to ensure a long-lasting professional grade product. Please allow 7-10 days for production time as we ensure the the quality of every water ski vest and wetsuit we manufacture.

The Super Sport barefoot wetsuit offers value and performance in barefooting.

This suit is built to the same specifications as the full wrap wetsuits below the waist, including 13mm wrap around butt padding for the lower half.

Where it differs is in the chest. Instead of having continuous wrap around padding, we offer this suit with split padding.

The padding on the chest is separated from the back padding with a 1" gap under the arms.

The advantage of split flotation is MORE FLEXIBILITY.

This suit is great for skiers learning tumbles, skiing frontwards or backwards, learning step-offs, endurance & figure-8 skiers, show ski team and anyone that want a bit more mobility.

We keep the graphics and designs simple to keep the price lower.

Available colors:

  • Black and Royal
  • Black and Red
  • Black and Yellow
  • Black and Silver

Additional Information

Handmade in USA

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery

Click Here for the Size Chart

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