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Bulk Rope

8MM Poly-Ethylene Bulk Rope - Fleck Colors


Size Guide

Type: Bulk Rope


8MM (5/16") HDPE Rope 

We have been formulating and making our own rope for over 20 years!

Masterline HDPE rope is used by most major water ski teams, barefooters and trick skiers. It is a high density, high-tenacity polyethylene rope.  The rope is 8mm (5/16") super low stretch 16-strand polyethylene.  The fibers' polymers are optimized for low stretch and high tenacity.  This HDPE rope has the great characteristic of coiling and uncoiling nicely to help avoid knots.

Bulk rope is sold by the foot or "Run".  A "Run" of rope is a designated quantity of rope that comes directly off the braiding machine and into the box for shipping.  These "runs" are the easiest to work with and are tangle-free!  Use it the same way we use it, straight out of the box.

Pricing Options
Sold by the foot or "Run". 

  1. Less than 1,000' - $.22/foot
  2. 2,000' Run - $300.00 ($.15/Foot)