Ergo Anti-Roll Radius Slalom Handle


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Type: Handles

Detailed Description

Our Ergo Custom Handle with the bent end design. This handle is designed to prevent the handle from rolling in your hand. Its sides extend toward the boat giving it a great anti-roll feature. The bent ends also help for those times when you miss-grab the handle and grab over the side of the handle. These handles are made with specially formulated EPDM Rubber and strung up with spectra fusion rope. This bar is completely made in the USA.  The handle has a 20% radius bend for ergonomics. 
  • 20% Radius Bend
  • Spectra Fusion Rope
  • Custom "Masterline" signature bar strung in a unique pattern, including a large loop for easy mainline attachment
  • Bent ends for better control if you miss-grab the handle and provides an anti-roll effect
  • Record capability accuracy

Handle Options

Color: Red/Black Spectra Rope
Lengths: 12" or 13"
Diameters: 1.00"
Radius: 20% Bend in the handle


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