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Men’s Barefoot Suits

Eagle Pro-Glide Platinum Barefoot Suit-2022


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Detailed Description

This new "state of the art" barefoot suit is a first in the industry.

Eagle's reputation for manufacturing the highest quality wetsuits with cutting edge designs is unequaled in the market. The ALL NEW Pro-Glide is a completely new concept for Eagle. This suit is targeted at the highest level competitors that are looking for the most advanced suit on the market. This suit fits that description.

We went back to the drawing board with the Pro-Glide. The goal: to produce a competitive level suit that is lighter than any other suit on the market and one that'll make advanced tricks such as back tumble ups a breeze. The neoprene in this suit is laminated with a special silver & black rubberized coating. This coating is NOT glide-skin. It's much more durable and slides on the water. Due to the fact that water will not penetrate the coating, the suit does not absorb as much water and stays much lighter when wearing it.

The Pro-Glide has Eagle's full wrap flotation system with slight modifications:

  • Eagle's "Ultimate Barefoot Padding System" - Wrap around chest floatation (9 mm front and 13 mm back instead of the 15 mm all around).
  • Butt padding is 9 mm this is not a suit to learn tumble turns in. This suit is designed for advanced footers that don't do a lot of butt sliding.
  • The entire suit is made from 2 mm neoprene instead of 3.5 mm (except for the butt, it remains 3.5 mm Lycra). This makes the suit 30% lighter.
  • Reinforced crotch and impact zones
  • Stainless steel drain holes
  • Ultra-stretch inks
  • Lycra butt neoprene overlay for longer and smoother slides and tumbles (on selected suits)
  • Industrial threads strength
  • Made in the USA

Available colors:

  • Silver
  • Red
  • Black

Additional Information

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