Dlx 9.25m Optimized 2.0 Slide Loop Mainline (11 Section) Water Ski Slalom Rope

World Record Ski Ropes

The tournament-ready Masterline- 9.25-Optimized 2.0- Slide-Loop Slalom Mainline. This slalom-line features full-color sections for easy line length identification and a UV-protected silver mainline for the most consistent performing, accurate slalom rope available today.  After extensive testing by our team of skiers and top coaches from around the globe everyone agrees this is the rope of the future. We are extremely proud to release the newest generation of our best-selling competition mainline the 9.25-Optimized 2.0 Slide-Loop Mainline.

In our constant pursuit of peak performance, we have re-engineered our finest tournament slalom line to be even better for today’s modern slalom technique, ski boats, speed control, and slalom ski design. Masterline Optimized ropes are all produced in our factory right here in the USA.  We control every aspect of production, including the production of the yarn. Masterline is the only ski rope manufacturer that weaves its own yarn domestically, producing consistency no other rope can match.  Masterline ropes are then hand-braided on custom jigs to the strictest specifications.  Masterline ropes are all measured for accuracy then stretched on our custom stretching jig to tighten up all the knots and set the yarn. Finally, each and every 2.0 Optimized Slalom Line is meticulously measured to guarantee world record accuracy. 

  • Our rope is constructed using our exclusive World Record Polypro MAX II rope, which is braided in our factory in the USA.
  • The color-coded sections correspond to line length codes.
  • The Slide Loop construction allows for adjustment from 18.25m to 10.25m.
  • There are removable loops at 18.25m and 16m, with single line construction for loops 14.25m through 10.25m.
  • For 9.75m, 9.5m, and 9.25m, there is an in-line braided loop construction.
  • The long mainline section up to 9.75m can be detached from the rest of the rope.
  • Mini slide loops are designed to open larger to slip over the largest pylons and then return to their original shape, securely holding the rope in place.
  • At the handle end of the rope, there is a large 15" loop for easier handle attachment and removal.
  • Logo marking sleeves are present through 9.75m.
  • The overall length of the rope, including the handle, is 60' (18.25m).
  • Shortenings are available through 9.25m.
  • Handmade in the USA.

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