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PolyproMAX Yarn

PolyproMAX refers to the proprietary blend of polypropylene yarn that we use in all of our Masterline slalom ropes.  Our polypropylene yarn is designed specifically for us and made locally.  This yarn has the ultimate “UV” protection, preventing the typical premature breakdown that other ropes experience from exposure to the sun.  Masterline ropes will outlast any other ropes on the market - Guaranteed!  The PolyproMAX yarn in Masterline rope provides a far longer “life”.  Long after traditional ropes lose their liveliness, Masterline will continue to feel great.  Our yarn is twisted “S” & “Z” for a more “balanced” tangle free rope.  

Our Rope

All of our ropes are braided in our factory using our PolyproMAX yarn.  We have complete control over the braiding process at every point which helps ensure the quality for which Masterline has come to be known.  We can customize our ropes and have developed the optimal slalom line that balances strength, longevity and feel.  Our rope is hand made into the finished ropes to the exact specifications of Record Capability accuracy.  

Many things have to be taken into account to make sure that your rope comes out to the exacting accuracy of tournaments around the world.  Knots will tighten upon usage, rope will stretch and line lengths have to “bottom out” once used, into the correct measurements.  You can’t build the rope to the rule book specs, because it will become to long after prolonged usage become out of tolerance.  We have been the most trusted rope for years and are the chosen rope for the Masters, Big Dawg Series and the US Nationals.