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Trick Ski Mounting Instructions

Binding Mounting Measurements

Below, we offer a position of your hardshell boot placement based on testing with our skiers. This placement is determined by measure from the heel of the boot to the tail of the ski. If you are using a hardshell boot, you can start at this measurement and then fine-tune from here.

Ski Size Length Width Hardshell Position (Heel to Tail)
41" 40 5/8" 10 7/8" 18 1/2"
42" 41 13/16" 11 1/8" 19 1/8"
43" 43 1/8" 11 1/2" 19 3/4"
44" 44 1/2" 11 13/16" 20 3/8"


If you are using another style of binding, you can follow these recommendations.

Getting Started

  1. Find your inside ankle bone in your front boot.
  2. Mark this spot on the plate binding.
  3. This is your ankle centerline.
  4. Find the centerline of your ski.
  5. Start by mounting your binding so that your ankle bone is placed at .25" ahead of center.

Mounting Rear Plate

Start by mounting your rear plate using the center hole of the 3 locations. Experiment with this position to see if you want to mount your rear closer or if you want to separate them more. The angle is preference. We recommend an approximately 45-degree angle. More than that will make your reverse wrap position harder to hold.

Mounting for Hands-Only

Experiment with separating foot placement on the ski. Move your front foot further forward and create more space between the front and rearfoot. This will allow more stability, leverage, and power.


Please use the screws provided with your trick ski (8-32X1/2Phil Flat Screw 18-8) to mount the bindings. The use of other types of screws may strip your inserts. Only use a hand screwdriver to tighten the screws to avoid cross-threading of your screws and inserts.

Do not drill into ski to mount bindings. There is no support to hold screws or inserts in locations other than standard inserts.