Dynamic Rear Trick Plate (Plate with Footbed)


Size Guide

Type: Bindings

Detailed Description

Rear Trick Plate for Quantum Skis

Plate Size Hole Spread Distance For Use With Hole Pattern
Standard 7" Designed for Quantum Skis hole pattern prior to 2014
Wide 7 1/2" Designed for Quantum Skis hole pattern since 2014

Trick plate with footbed for mounting rear rubber binding to Quantum Trick Ski. Offers multiple holes for mounting different size rubber bindings in different locations on the plate. Offers a wide range of holes for rotational adjustment. Choose the wider plate for Quantum Skis newer than 2014. The wide plate has a 7 1/2" hole spread, so you can measure your hole pattern on ski to check to see if it will fit. Our standard plate has a 7" spread. Plate also comes with a pad on the bottom to protect ski.