Custom Handle with Engraving Errors


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The same great handle we offer everyday… However we made an error when we custom engraved it. Our bad is your chance to save a bundle. So who cares if you end up with a strange new nick-name on the starting dock? You saved more than $50 on a Masterline Custom handle.  

Used by many of the World's top slalom skiers, this is the ultimate water ski handle. This handle has a smaller, but stronger, aluminum core bar that allows for more rubber between your hands and the bar. The specially formulated rubber and the many custom diameters make this the most comfortable handle you can buy.

Each handle is strung with black and white rope and handmade in the USA.


o BLACK and WHITE - 3/8" Polypropylene rope
o Custom "Could be Anything" engraved bar strung to the pro's specs
o Open end caps 4" finger protectors
o Record capability accuracy
o Handmade in the USA


L I M I T E D   Q U A N T I T I E S When they are gone they are gone.

ALL SALES FINAL on all closeout products.

Our loss is your gain!  Assorted engraving errors - see what you get!!