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Eagle Jump Suit Krueger Design - 2018


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Detailed Description

The All New Pro Series Jump Suit was designed exclusively by Freddy Krueger to implement the ideas that he feels he needs most in a jump suit. After 20 years of being the best jumper in the world, he has accumulated a lot of knowledge as to what he expects out of a suit.  While the suit must be able to perform at the level he requires, he knows that it more importantly needs to protect him when things don't go as expected.  

This suit has the following features that are designed to help jumpers set new PBs:

  • 20mm front padding
  • 9mm side padding fully wrapping around to the back
  • 20mm spinal cord padding
  • 6mm padding and 3mm neoprene for the butt, giving you a total of 9mm of protection.

    Available color:

    • Black with Silver logos 

    Additional Information

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    Type: Jump Suit