Pro-Tect Handle Restring (Straight or Radius)


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Is your handle bar still in great shape?  It’s hard to let go of a favorite handle once you have worn it in.  Handle bars can last a long time and far outlast the lifespan of the rope it came with.

We can restring and refresh your handle!


Your handle will get all new sleeves, tubing etc. that it originally came with.  Handle is the only thing that is reused and we will check grommets and bar for wear and let you know if it isn’t in good shape for reuse.

  1. Place order online for handle restringing.
  2. Pick the length and diameter of the handle you are returning from the selector
  3. Choose the rope colors for each side that you would like for us to use or you can select choose: Use same colors.
  4. Add engraving if you would like.  Cost is $10.00.
  5. Include notes of anything specific you would like to call our attention to in the notes field.
  6. Print out your order and include it in the box with your return handle.
  7. Write the order number on the outside of package.

Return handle to:

Masterline USA, Inc.
700 West Bay St.
Winter Garden, FL 34787