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BUNDLE! LIMITED TIME OFFER! - Quantum Dynamic Trick Ski, Rear Binding and Ski Sleeve


Size Guide

Type: Trick Skis

Bundle Includes - Discount code applied at checkout

  • Trick Ski
  • Rear Binding
  • Trick Ski Sleeve
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This trick ski currently holds the Men's World Trick Record.  Anna Gay has also set 2 World Records on this ski and is the reigning 2015, 2019 and 2021 World Trick Champion. 

  • World Record Trick Ski

    This trick ski currently holds the Men's World Trick Record.  Anna Gay has also set 2 World Records on this ski and is the reigning World Trick Champion. Check out Anna Gay's World Record.

    Stiffer, lighter, and designed for more aggressive edging an easier lift. This ski is a carbon fiber layup for a stiff, light, and very strong ski. The core is a very light PVC foam. The wider fore-body allows for more surface area on toe tricks and flips. The narrow tip and tail shape allows for the ski to feel like a smaller ski for body overs and spins and will allow you to "load" the ski better. The flat spot adds stability, but the more aggressive rocker gives you better lift. The slight concave bottom allows the ski to ride a little lighter while flat, but tracks like it's on rails.

    * This new ski's rear hole pattern is designed for the new 8" insert spacing rear trick plate binding. Be sure to order the rear plate with your ski. Ski is not designed to be drilled into for binding mounting.

    • Carbon Fiber Layup
    • Ultra-light PVC foam core
    • Inserts for both front and rear bindings
    • 8 front binding inserts for universal binding compatibility 
    • 8 for the rear plate for a solid hold and forward and aft adjustability
    • Fine-tuned edges
    • 3 stage rocker, 1.15" Rocker
    • Long "sweet spot"
    • New tip and tail shape
    • Wider forebody
    • Molded full-length grooves
    • Concave bottom
    Ski Sizes
    Ski Size Length Width Weight
    41" 40 5/8" 10 7/8" Up to 110 lbs
    42" 41 13/16" 11 1/8" 110-150 lbs
    43" 43 1/8" 11 1/2" 150-180 lbs
    44" 44 1/2" 11 13/16" 180-215 lbs

    Binding Mounting Instructions

  • Designed to fit the new 2021 Quantum Trick Skis.  Also compatible with other trick ski brands.

    This all rubber toe strap holds the rear foot firmly in place, is comfortable, and is used by virtually every trick skier on the planet. Mounted to a strong, proprietary Quantum reversible trick plate made of 6061 aluminum. This plate offers a wide range of adjustability on the perimeter of the plate for rotation of the plate. The plate also offers additional mounting holes for the rubber binding so that it can be shifted on the plate for better positioning on the ski if necessary.

    This is the industry standard 8" hole pattern. This plate offers more room for larger bindings to be mounted without covering the mounting holes. The wider plate also offers a wider range of options for mounting the binding on the plate.

    The mounting hole pattern is an 8" spread for the wider plate. If you measure from the middle of the insert in the front set to the middle of the insert in the rear set, the measurement will be 8" for our 2021 skis. Our older models came in two other size hole patterns.  

    Size Shoe Size
    XS 5 1/2 - 6 1/2
    SM 7 - 8
    M 8 1/2 - 9 1/2
    L 10 - 11 1/2
    XL 12 - 13
  • Masterline Trick Ski Sleeve

    Protect your ski when you are not skiing. The perfect cover to keep your ski in after each ski set to protect from scratching and from UV rays fading your ski. One size fits all.