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Tournament Rope Collection

Are you hosting a tournament?

Masterline is the Official Rope of USA Water Ski

2024 US Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament

2024 Goode US National Championships

All 5 Regional Water Ski Tournaments

Swiss Pro Slalom

the 2023 World Water Ski Championships and is the rope used to pull all six current WORLD RECORDS.

We have put together the ropes and accessories that we recommend for your tournaments. We are offering a sponsorship level discount to help local tournament hosts like you provide the newest ropes for their 2024 tournament season. The same tournament ropes that will be used at the Goode US National Tournament. These include our Optimized 2.0 Slide-Loop Slalom Mainline featuring our all new PolyProMAX II proprietary yarn. 

This exclusive offer for this discount is available until April 30, 2024.  

We look forward to many more personal bests and records on our handcrafted ropes made in the USA.  Our ropes have pulled all 6 current World Records.  

We hope you choose Masterline, because your events deserve the very best.

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This offer is confidential and for tournament hosts only.  This is not for resale or other distribution.  Offending parties will be removed from future participation in our tournament program.

Listing of products approved for discount for tournament hosts